We Take Care

Focused on our customers needs, we provide integrated services on demand.  Our services include Laboratory & Animal Facilties Cleaning, Equipment maintenance and cleanig-sterilization, Laboratory glassware cleaning and sterilization.


We provide complete property maintenance and facilities services to laboratories, hospitals and universities, and to all those entities in which complex technology is used.

Experts in:

  • Lab furniture maintenance and cleaning
  • Lab equipment maintenance: Autoclave, ovens, incubators, cabinets…
  • Laboratory Glassware cleaning and sterilization Service
  • Animal Cages cleaning and sterilization Service (For Animal Facilties)
  • Lab and Animal Facilties Cleaning and Sterilization

Our customers

  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Instituto de Salud CIII, Madrid
  • Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona
  • Fundación Science to Business, Madrid
  • Universidad de Murcia

Some of the benefits we bring

  • Savings in year one of the contract, by reducing energy use and improving sustainability
  • Advice and guidance with Service planning and strategy
  • Lowering operational costs and improving efficiencies across the organisation
  • Free your people to focus on their tasks